Professional Crime Scene Clean Up

Unfortunately after the sirens fade, the police, forensics team, emergency medical teams, the investigators and crowd of onlookers leave, there is a painful mess left to the friends, family, owners and victims of the unfolded tragedy to clean up.

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Crime Scene Clean Up

Disaster Master is a local Tasmanian crime scene cleaning company that can assist in easing the burdens that a crime or accident has left.

Disaster Master can clean, sanitise and restore any accident or crime related environment in residential and commercial properties anywhere in Tasmania.

Remediation, Restoration, Sanitisation & Decontamination Services

It is vitally important to ensure the correct sanitation of environments that encountered spilled blood, tissue or body fluid as all of those elements can pose serious health threats.

Health hazards include bloodborne pathogens, viruses, harmful bacteria, and diseases. The Disaster Master team of biohazard clean up cleaners have completed a number of training courses, have successfully cleaned and restored many environments in the past and are fully equipped with the best and latest safety equipment to ensure minimal risks whilst focusing on eliminating the risks you could potenitally.

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    It’s hard to contemplate the cleaning up what remains of a loved one after a tragic event.

    But unfortunately that scenario has to occur for people dealing with untimely tragedy.

    The choice boils down to x2 options:

    1. clean up the trauma themselves or
    2. hire someone else to do so.

    Usually there is no one to turn to except for professionals like Disaster Master.

Insurance Covered Crime Scene Clean up

If you are not going to choose a professional crime scene cleaner to clean up what has happened because you don’t think you can afford the costs, think again!

Many homeowner and other insurance policies cover a biohazard clean up services within their polciy’s after a crime or trauma event.

The team at Disaster Master are willing to check with your individual policy before we send our team of local crime scene cleaners out to the environment.

We are here for you 24/7/365. You can be assured that the team will handle your case with confidentiality and respect and will come to your aid quickly. Contact Disaster Master for trauma, crime, or suicide cleanup help today at 0488 069 557.

Who Cleans up Crime Scenes?

You have probably heard the term crime scene cleanup but very few people have solid knowledge about these cleaning professionals and what they do.

You will be fully surprised to know that there are literally thousands of companies that provide crime scene cleaning around the world.

Disaster Master are a Tasmanian crime scene cleaning company.

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    Disaster Master cleaning services primarily began as a local small business activity.

    There ara only a few Tasmanian crime scene cleaning companies that exist.

    Several everyday cleaning companies have already added crime scene cleanup and biohazard removal in their services.

    With that said professional and specialist crime scene clean up company’s have employees who clean up crime scenes are trained in empathy and compassion when working with victims as well as family members.

    Disaster Master employed cleaners have three (3) primary qualities:

    1. have a strong stomach
    2. are able to rationally detach themselves from work
    3. are naturally sympathetic. Crime scene cleaning can rather be an emotional job.

What is Crime Scene Clean Up?

Technically, crime scene cleanup is the process of decontaminating and cleaning areas stained by body fluids, blood and other potentially infectious materials. Incidents that require crime scene and trauma scene cleanup are the following:


Intentional harm and/or intentional self-harm


Body decomposition or unattended death

Murder & Homicides

Animal biohazards (e.g. blood or faeces)

Mass trauma

Infectious disease contamination

Industrial work accidents

Biotech crime scene clean up

Regulated waste treatment, transport and disposal

About Disaster Master

A Tasmanian Family Owned Cleaning Company Servicing All Of The State Of Tasmania

Disaster Master offers professional crime scene cleanup, trauma cleanup, blood cleaning, and unattended death cleanup to property managers, homeowners, businesses, military/government and housing authorities. Our specialist cleaning services are typically referred by Tasmanian law enforcement, first responders, funeral homes and other cleaning companies.

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